The Aether II is in development

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It’s no secret that people love The Aether mod. It’s one of the most popular mods for anything ever, and it got our Diamond Pickaxe Awardย last year. The Aether team has been very quiet for some time now, not updating for 1.1 or 1.2.3, and people have been asking what happened.

Well, the Aether team has responded, and the situation is better than we could have hoped, they came out with an announcement saying they are developing a sequel to The Aether – The Aether II, which will be a lot different than the original, and will include even more content.

They said:

ย A sequel to the Aether is in development. Get prepared for Aether II, a complete redesign of the original mod with hundreds of new features and mechanics. New bosses, dungeons, terrain, biomes, and items.

More info in the coming weeks :)

Completely new content? Hundreds of new features? Sounds good, right? Hopefully the same team will be working on the mod and we will see it release soon. It’s also interesting that it’s completely redesigned, which is weird given that there haven’t been any complaints on the Aether’s design before. We will keep you updated on any news about the Aether II, and other Minecraft mods.

Are you excited about the new Aether? Are you glad it’s being redesigned, or would you have just wanted them to keep updating the original? Sound off in the comment section below.

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The Aether II is in development, 4.8 out of 5 based on 551 ratings

192 Comments on "The Aether II is in development"

  1. kilokreeper says:

    i want the original!

  2. Max Matthews says:

    I loved the original aether mod and I can’t wait for this. Praying for Multi-player.

  3. kaidedshard says:

    i hope they come up with a bunch of traps that can be built and traps to navigate within ruins.i also hope that its more compatible and needs less mods to make it run.

  4. Vincent says:

    The should at least update the aether mod, so people can at least play it while we’re waiting for the aether 2 to come out :( because for all we know it might be months before the next one comes :(

  5. Notch says:

    When will the mod be released? I think I might mod Minecraft just to see what all of the fuss is about! Me! Modding my own game! Wow…

    • Yoshitamer says:

      Notch, I think that if you like this mod, You should try to add it to the game. I’ve never played it, But from the much I know, It’s Awesome. It might also increase minecraft related income!

    • brendenmonkey says:

      you know a mod is popular when notch himself goes and trys it out for himself

      • THIS NOTCH IS FAKE says:

        Thats probably no the real notch there would be alot more fuss if it was

        • Assasin199 says:

          People, you don’t know if it is real Notch. It might and it might not be. How ever Notch doesn’t code Minecraft anymore. So if it is real Notch and if he does like it he won’t add it into the game without Jeb’s permission.

    • zev11 says:

      Hey Notch, didn’t I email you on this topic? we have a hell, the nether, a limbo, the end, and now we need a heaven. We hate living in the nether, we find living in the end to be impossible, but we need somewhere that we will aspire to reach! maybe instead of a glow portal, which requires the nether first. Maybe make it need… out if gold blocks – we don’t have any other use for gold. You can make it easier to do, and with your skill as a programmer, and you know Jeb, you can really make this better!

      Thanks, Zev11

      • Fake Jens Bergensten says:

        Notch and I are currently working on a similar version with support from Bukkit. The owners of the aether mod will be awarded highly and I hope this works…
        NOTE TO SELF: dont add too many mobs

      • lolimsoEVIL says:

        I like living in the nether… with fleshtree mod i made myself i dont even need to go out… so i set myself to automatically spawn in the nether ๐Ÿ˜€

    • thomas says:

      noch you should totaly add this it is AWESOME

    • zxin says:

      Ur Not Notch, Right?!

  6. Bob says:

    I wonder what it will be like?

  7. Jessica says:

    I loved Aether, but this will be better hopefully!

  8. Jawa11 says:

    the sequal will have better addions the christmas trees were a stupid idea though.

  9. Tom says:

    Notch, I know this is kind of off topic, but please can you add interactive villagers? And maybe even villages in the nether ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Dragoonx41 says:

    lol@ notch XD, and i bet this is gonna be 100 times better than aether mod itself, i mean seriously, they have never been this quiet, these 3 legendary modders are known for this mod, and to end with this mod was a big hit, so if there will release it soon, then this mod itself will become as popular as minecraft? probably….

    • OscarPayn(AetherArtist) says:

      Just to clarify, there are a lot more modders and artists working on the Aether now, we are right now focusing more on updating the original than the second mod.

  11. kyle says:

    i think the 2 should be able to work with the 1

  12. Martin says:

    ohhh… my…. god…. when i saw that they had stopped developing and updating the aether, i thought the mod was coming to an end. And now… the aether II im so excited i cant sit still

  13. Zack says:

    i personally think that we should just keep the original updated, but then again, we have no idea what the sequel holds, once we know what to expect in that, then we can make a better judgement on what we want out of the aether/aether 2

    • Herobrine says:

      The aether 2 is the original being updated, it is just a huge update so they gave it a name! and no im not herobrine he doesint even exist. i just made the name as a last second thing.

      • OscarPayn(AetherArtist) says:

        Actually it is going to be a separate mod, completely reprogrammed but will still add the same dimension, just heavily changed.

  14. masterobbyfun says:

    why make a sequel when you could just add it to the original aether mod? maybe even make a new portal for the new one…. it would be easier and it might add some extra fun :3

  15. Ravicus says:

    i hope they don`t remove any features like the moas, dungeons and all of the other stuff cause i really liked those things. But i hope they will ad many fun new features

  16. creeperman says:

    i wanna see the new one and then i will decide

  17. Jacob says:

    When will it be finished beacuse I’d hate for 1.3 to come out at the last second. Also I love the aether mod I’ve seen videos but never got it because i had 1.1 and the version that was out was 1.0.0

  18. Anonynonymous says:

    Are they keeping the original stuff or changing it all?

  19. jack ass 123 says:

    i hope its for mutyplayer

  20. Teamkillah says:

    I hope they make it so the Moas don’t fall off of drop that are more than 3 feet down, because I’ve had to get more than 4 moas because I’ve gone into dungeons.. xD

    • FuzzyAetherBunny says:

      lol………………….XD same here. i had to get like 50000 flying pig’s back….or i could get some flying pork instead.

  21. colorful_candy says:

    yea like what ravicus said, i think that adding some new content would be nice. also just updating the aether 1 would be nice just to buy themselves time

  22. Haddy says:

    how about u update the original AND create the new one?

    • pivoo says:

      you do realize that if they do that they’re going to have to completely recode the 1st one giving themselves twice the work, we’ll see how the second one works and if the ruin the aether, then to bad.

  23. anyoumas says:

    I am bulding a airship just for the aetyher mod so i can also use zepplin and equvlant exchnage booyah

  24. jeb says:

    way to go notch

  25. Jawa11 says:

    Guys Notch Dosn’t Work On Minecraft Anymore Jeb Is.

  26. zev11 says:

    I hope, in general, that they make a diamond dungeon. It will be like the Roman Colosseum (the round one, with the arches), and you have some traps to enter, like an arrow room, a room where you have to carefully walk over a thin line, over a cliff. Maybe also add some other traps, like you can use the bronze dungeon boss as a semi boss, to be an annoyance, and other things of that sort. When you reach the inside, you have to fight in some sort of arena.

    You have to fight 3 consecutive bosses, one is a Giant Lion-like being. One is a tunneling worm, that goes over, and under ground to chase you. And the last, is a GIANT, HUGE, Black/Red, Moa, with Sharp Talons, and a Pointed beak. When you kill it, it has a death, similar to the Enderdragon, but it blows up in fire. It drops a full set of phoenix armor, and below it, forms a mound of (you guessed it) DIAMONDS, with a chest on it. The chest contains a treasure. A treasure so great, so Wonderful, So amazing, So Cool, that I cannot think of something. Maybe make it have one thing. the one thing that we all want, we all need, we all find to be a symbol, a symbol of hope., a single, diamond pick.

    If you are one of the makers of this mod, I hope that you read this, and become inspired by my idea. If not, then the half hour i spent typing this is all a waste. If you are Notch and/or Jeb, then please either forward it to them, or make this part of the mod, when you implant it to the game.

    Thank you, Zev11

  27. dood says:

    i think it will be really cool

  28. dood says:

    i think they wont remove any features.

  29. littleroman says:

    jeb and/or notch shold put the date its coming out

  30. AtunGato says:

    The Aether II will likely not be realeased until after the ModAPI has been finished, which will likely be in 1.3.

  31. Fox says:

    I seriously think they need less external mods to make if work (IF POSSIBLE PLEASE!) but if not maybe release the bunch of mods as one download or even come with the aether mod itself
    would make it much easier to install

  32. thimithy says:

    if your name is notch and your the creator of minecraft you should watch videos of aether mod 1.0.0 and ADD IT!

  33. Alvesmaster says:

    I think you should be able to go back to the original aether by making a portal to it BUT it has to be in the aether… or, you need to kill the gold dungeon boss and a portal is spawned and it goes to aether II, so you have to unlock it!

  34. FuzzyAetherBunny says:

    omg aether ll! sweet! PS i hope this comes out soon :) proably soon or 1.3.

  35. AethersAwesome says:

    If you want the Aether but have 1.2.3/1.2/1.1…. you get it… download Minecraft Version Changer! ๐Ÿ˜› Hope this helps.

  36. AmortusR says:

    If any of you believe that this is the “real Notch” than you should go back to first grade *ahem* pre-school… Its kind of obvious that this is an imposture (=^_^=)

  37. RDroideka says:

    Me want. Release date? Or let me be beta tester. Either works!

  38. the1 says:

    ….. i think or rather *hope* that the old content will stay and that they will try to temp update it to 1.2.3 to keep is bizzy. whos with meh?

  39. Ryan says:

    Notch, if you’re reading these, add the aether to the game. And plz, aether modders, let this come out soon!

    • Minecraft Survival Expert says:

      ryan if u check latest version history somewhere in begining/middle it reads
      “Sky Dimension/Skylands”

      • Chris says:

        Sorry dude but the “Skylands” or “Sky Dimension” is the End not the Aether :\

        • MaxtheGamer says:

          It wasn’t skylands, but in beta (October 2010) they had something along the lines of Aether. I forgot what the spawning/generating was called, but it would spawn floating islands, i think thats what you meant (-_-)

  40. Muse 2 says:

    i want both aether and aether 2 the aether is great theres every reason to make a sequal.

  41. sliderann says:

    when is it out somewhone tell me plz!

  42. Cam3lz says:

    srry the pics glitched up :{

  43. Cam3lz says:

    in addition to zebz ideas: one of the traps should be an obsidean creeper when exploded creats a dome of obsidean around steave(you). thus exposing to other traps and/or mobs.

    Thank you, Cam3lz

  44. Cam3lz says:

    UPDATE 1.2.4 IS OUT!

  45. Flyfly78 says:

    Secondly, Is there a place where i can get the mod for 1.2.4?
    Lastly, Good luck on aether 2!

  46. the1 says:

    โ€ฆ.. i think or rather *hope* that the old content will stay and that they will try to temp update it to 1.2.4 to keep us bizzy.

  47. ninjachiken007 says:

    When Does This Mod Come Out Because I Love The Aether Mod And I Can’t Wait For The Aether To Update.

  48. fluffpower says:

    add a boss called rebeca boss

  49. (Fake) Jeb says:


    this mod is interesting but i wont add it to the game, it would cause to much stress on smp servers of getting bombed with a phenoix bow, and ridden over by a moa.

    I’m working on a new client mod that will make modding as easy as dragging the file into a mods folder, and selecting or activating the mod in-game

  50. unknown dude says:

    i really hope they add aether to the real game then i could just go tmi to the aether no nether needed + no more work to find the latest update then a bunch of other mods all in all it would just be easyer

  51. horrorcow1 says:

    I so hope that you got that strait from notch/jeb because if so then they thought of something i would love in 1.2.6 since not 1.2.5 is coming in 3 days and I know what’s in it

    • LittleDinamit says:

      He did not get that from Notch or Jeb. Mojang have announced that 1.2.5 is coming soon and after that there will be no updates until 1.3, which will include the Modding API.

  52. awesomeXMaster says:

    guys if notch added the aether to minecraft and every one updated to the minecraft with the aether in it…this whole mod would go out of bisnis and no one would get it think about that but still notch plz add this to the game and also can i join the minecraft team or just help out with the game plz email me at thanks

  53. Troll Notch says:

    you know, me and the Mojang team are going to develop the mod and add it to update 1.3.

    Hope you guys enjoy

  54. cyclone_raider says:

    sounds cool ive played the first one but never got it this one should be good :) and zev11 you are hard core dude haha i like what you came up with:)

  55. Srsly guise? says:

    Is this true? Ive bedn searching for information retarding this and i cant find ANYTHING except here. And if it really is true; how did you manage to get this kind or information?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      I got it from The Aether official Facebook page, they made several announcements about the mod there.

  56. RCT12 says:

    Can’t wait to play this along with Extra Biomes XL and Simple Ores, Minecraft will be wonderful with all of those mods together.

  57. Thyrllann says:

    I hope this will be compatible with Thaumcraft 2 and Better Dungeons!
    That would be so cool; magic and extra structures (like the dungeons in the Aether) in the Overworld, and the Aether!

  58. Chasedownall says:

    notch if that was the real notch on the comments how about adding the aether,and mo creatures mod like to the game and mabey new mobs like … nether bats or something!!!! i am your biggest fan i am making great buildings theses days!

    • Chris says:

      In 1.4 they are adding cave bats to the game, they are peaceful and they fly away when you get near. :) (source: minecraft wiki)

  59. masterobbyfun says:

    Hey can you guys add a link to the official facebook page for us to look at? I mean, some of us may not be able to find it. Just asking, don’t get angry at me if its a bad idea.

  60. nayruto says:

    I think that the new aether will be great and that they should keep some of the old stuff.Also,i think that we should have to beat the gold dungeon boss and make a hellfire stone(or whatever its called,its been a long time) portal to access the second aether.

  61. YOU now it says:

    Hello there, this mod needs like ride able whales and crap, i think you could add aether villages that are interactive and instead of zombie pigmen from the nether use ( I now the aether has no zombie pigmen, just saying like a subsitute) Little angels or elven angles people that hover around, oh and the portal needs to be made of something easy and simple like stone (not cobble smooth stone) Just so you could get to the epic world fast, but you could keep the water to activate it . You need aether fruit that are like blue pears that you eat to restore all your food . Like to substitute golden apples or regular apples, P.S. If Jeb_ added this to the game it would be cool, but he might not have to, he could just make a biome made of floating islands with big island chunks missing from the ground, JEB_ IS SPELLED LIKE THIS BY THE WAY: Jeb_ , and thankyou developers!

  62. Connor says:

    please update the aether mod. i know its a long process and it’s very hard but please make it in the 1.3 update i really love your work and the mod.

  63. Anonymous... says:

    I hate having to go to the Nether to get a Glowstone portal… These two realms are separate! Maybe make the portal out of something easily accessible, like a portal frame made out of glass, but still activated by water. Or, maybe make naturally spawning portals at cloud level! Maybe make it so you can build you way up! The possibilities are huge!

    • Jzburda says:

      or, you can make it hard as hell, and add some type of extremely rare mob that has a drop called “floatite” they only drop 1 of these.
      you need to combine 9 of these to get the block, and you can stand on it somehow too, like MyCraft or something.

  64. Fake Notch says:

    Ok, it seems so awesome, we’ll put it in Minecraft 1.4 or something.

  65. Killerjdog51 says:

    Wow this looks like a very great mod, I can’t wait to try it. I sure hope that notch and jeb like it so they’ll add it to the game. ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. ash says:

    when will it be released

  67. Just Some Guy says:

    i think we should at least get a release date so we know when it comes out

  68. Tim says:

    jeb and notch, don’t add this to the game because it is a mod that we love to have updated frequently something that we won’t see if its implemented into the actual game in an update

    • that guy says:

      actually, if aether is added in a future update then the aether team would have such an easier time with updates for their mod which would now IMPROVE the aether only.

  69. rarekwiebus says:

    I fucking hate that aether creeper! Its unoriginal and crappy as hell! Keep the creepers in pride by not copying them to destroy your epic mods!

  70. Clustafer says:

    It is NOT the original mod. They are re-doing all the code and starting from scratch

  71. Loudrob says:

    I actually hope for the aether to be implemented into the actually minecraft game by mojang. I am predicting that might happen a few updates after 1.3. Notch has
    been saying about something called the “sky realm” and currently can only be accessed with mods. But the sky realm is coming to the real minecraft as notch as previously said. Notch is currently working on implementing it into the game.

  72. anation says:

    hope this will be ready for 1.3

    • LittleDinamit says:

      It would be logical for it to be released before 1.3, as it’s being built upon existing code, and as of 1.3 the ModAPI will be here and the mod will have to be rebuilt. This isn’t official, but I think it’s a good guess.

  73. IceKnight13 says:

    The one thing I really want is for this to be SMP compatible!

  74. Just Some Guy says:

    it is definitely coming after the 1.3 update though

  75. Fake Notch says:

    to i am here to say that in a few days (or weeks) Minecraft 2 shall come out and all mods from 1.2.5 will still work. Also the new Minecraft will have new items such steel, copper, ruby, acids (melts all metal in your pockets) , acid rain (melts metal in your hands), drills( dimond tips make for mineable bedrock), more types of weather, more mobs, a new portle to the moon, the new minecraft shall have a bottom of lava at twice the depth, better mod support, a downgrade system, and for all you fans of aether we will try to add a support to the old version.

  76. Idkrickey says:

    The New Aether Is Better Look Over 100 New Features It’s Like A Whoole better game of minecraft!

  77. Ima Loser says:

    Dont worry about it being all new and stuff. Most of the old stuff will be there, just even better. Btw there is somthing to do with the nether and the aether finnaly having a war in it too. I wonder what will happen?

  78. HELP!!! says:

    I don’t know how to download the aether mod for Minecraft 1.2.5! I think I need some help! Also Others Might not know!

  79. Canoskum says:

    Can you not get to work with forge!!!!
    it will be the best thing for the mod :)

    and, all the old things will still be there? pleace

  80. Lolololololololol says:

    When will there be a download link??

  81. Flamingjockeyz says:

    Does anyone have any idea what version this will come out in,maybe 1.4?

  82. Xexal Seyer says:

    I can’t tell you enough how much I love the Aether, It’s literally the whole reason I decided to buy Minercaft, Even though I feel it’s a bit over priced.
    I don’t really hope it will be good, Cause I know it will. They did a damn good job with the first one, So I have confidence that the Aether II will be just as if not more amazing than the Aether.
    I’m personally hoping for more Valkyrie stuff, and well, More dungeons in General. And maybe a cooler final boss. XD I’m not a big fan of the Sun god guy.
    Er, I also kind of want like… Different colored Moa’s and stuff. Y’know, some cosmetic things.
    Can’t wait to see what happens. ^^

  83. FuzzyAetherBunny says:

    guys this will come out in 1.4.5, so soon k? go to the Facebook page

  84. BigDinamit says:

    I Love the Aether so much lol but im not good with mods so i mess up alot. LOL

  85. Jason says:

    They should just keep updating the original

  86. muddbudd says:

    i agree with jason

  87. HomerGunther says:

    I can’t wait till this is ready (although I understand it will take some time), but I have a question: Will this eventually be Thaumcraft 3 compatible? I know this won’t be anytime soon (probably after it has been released and bug-fixed thoroughly)? if you do make it compatible I will seriously love you guys!

  88. FireDragon545 says:

    I’ve seen Aether 2 already so I think it is AMAZING (If there is a way can you make it so you can disable night (like after defeating gold boss in original aether) THANKS)

  89. Jayden says:

    I’m sssooooooo excited for the aether 2!!! (lets hope it’s easy to install).

  90. Notch says:

    Its how many people fall for the whole “I`m Notch” bs.
    Society quit being dumb!

  91. Herobrine says:

    I personally think it should be compatible with DivineRPG. Multi-world modpack anyone?

  92. w.black57 says:

    This will be out on March 25th 2013
    Here’s the Video
    SO EXCITED!!!! :DD

  93. Brian says:

    keep the weapons from the original but change lots of other stuff.

  94. Facade Kitsune says:

    one year latter…

  95. Overtaker9 says:

    dont go by my word because I may be wrong but rumor has it it comes out tomorrow ( March 25th, 2013 )

  96. ash says:

    just 1 day left, YAY, i am so happy :)

  97. nickerman1212 says:

    aether2 sould be out now

  98. Akumanninen says:

    WHERE IS THE MOD!?!?!?!?!?! ITS ALREDY 27th OF MARCH 2013!!!!

    • LittleDinamit says:

      I feel your pain, everyone is anxiously waiting for the mod, including myself, but the Aether team has not announced anything precise. Do not fret since it should be soon, and stay tuned since you can be sure that we will have an article as soon as it does release, which will be updated with a full-on showcase shortly after.

  99. concept says:

    Please don’t make it an update of the original I saw the video for the aether 2, there was a lot of stuff I didn’t like about it so don’t change all of the stuff that is good you guys are great making this mod though keep at it

  100. SkwiekieCraftNL says:

    Sounds awesome to me:) Always wanted the Aether, my friends should know why :/ My biggest dream is riding a Phyg ๐Ÿ˜€

  101. Padoohshka says:

    this mod is BOSS the only thing i hate is that how in the first version bronze dungeons are so easy! so i cant wait till aether 2 so i can actually get a challenge cause one bronze dungeon will be around 6 bosses, if anyone wants a preview on aether 2 its on mr360games’ channel!

  102. Gamer001 says:

    Please update the mod to 1.5 :)
    That would be very nice xD

  103. will says:

    atualize o mod para 1.5.1 por favor

  104. Rockmyblockyballs says:

    in aether 2 i want a platinum dungeon with an aether dragon as the Boss

  105. Arakou says:

    I thought the release would be march 25, What happened to that? :/

    (Or, did I hear wrong?)

    • LittleDinamit says:

      You heard right, that was the announced date. Unfortunately, the Aether team faced numerous setbacks and delays and they are working as fast as they can to get the mod out into the hands of fans. Kingbogdz, the leader, streamed 18 hours of work on the mod just the other day. It’s a big mod, and it’s taking a while, but I can assure you that it is not dead and that once it does come out you will be able to read all about it right here on, so stay tuned. :)

  106. Scartehevil says:

    Anymore news?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      Kingbogdz is streaming almost every day now, so the release must be closing in. Other than that, nothing new.

  107. Tord says:

    Are they still making it? Its over a year since they started..

  108. FrostBittenK9 says:

    We still care…

    • LittleDinamit says:

      The mod is almost done. It’s expected to be released today. There will be a post when a download is available.

  109. Derp says:

    Um so its now 4th of june ………

  110. Dreamer says:

    omg Now is 6th of june ……..

  111. BuckStick says:

    People are starting to release videos on it! It is still in alpha but will go beta soon. Get excited, the haven’t stopped making the mod!!

  112. Sageisapage says:

    Also, The sequel will have multiplayer!

  113. KujohTroopa says:

    I feel like the release of this will only be worth it if they keep up with all of Minecraft’s updates.

  114. Arhod8660 says:

    It’s out, best way in my opinion to get to it is through technic pack. The platform URL is here:

  115. Kaze says:

    Forge compatibility or bust, I don’t much care for the attitude that it shouldn’t be used with other mods.

    • LittleDinamit says:

      It uses Forge, but also relies on two more APIs for now (Player and Render Player). They will soon replace those additional APIs with a Forge coremod, so it should provide you with maximum compatibility! :)

  116. M.A.XD says:

    I Have It But It Only Has Sliders Dungeon……

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