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Welcome to our ultimate guide for the well known Mo’ Creatures mod by DrZhark. In this article, we will cover every mob and animal this amazing mods adds (25 of them), from animals that spawn during the day, to monsters that come after you at night. We will list where and when they spawn, what they drop and what it can be used for, all coupled with a picture of the mob. So without further ado, let’s start!


Foxes are small dog-like creatures that spawn in most of the biomes, mainly on grass. They are passive, however they will fight back if attacked. They spawn during the day, mostly separately, and drop regular leather (also attainable from cows), which can be used to craft armor. They walk around and attack any smaller creatures (like bunnies).


Bunnies are peaceful little creatures, which spawn in groups, have various colors and will die very easily if hit. They just jump around the environment. Stronger creatures tend to prey on them if spotted. Bunnies spawn during the day on grass, and do not drop anything when killed. They can be right clicked, which will cause the bunny to be put on your head. This causes bigger animals to attack you instead. Two bunnies can breed very quickly when in an enclosed area, so if you leave two bunnies in a small hole you may come back to a dozen of them trying to escape.


Mouses spawn during the day, on grass or stone, in groups. They have different colors, like bunnies, and drop seeds when killed. They run away from everything, which comes in useful since most bigger animals hunt them. A mouse can be picked up by the tail by right clicking it.


Deer are very easily frightened creatures, and run away from you as soon as they see you, making them very hard to catch. They spawn during the day, on grass in groups, and drop leather and/or meat when killed. Stags are also present, and act and look like deer, except they have horns.


Crocodiles are a hostile mob that spawns during the day in swamp biomes. Though they may sometimes look passive, they never really are, and are just waiting for you to get close enough to jump on you. They move slowly most of the time, but during their surprise attack they are very fast. Crocodiles drop hides that can be crafted into armor. But you can pretend it’s “Dragon armor”, of course.


Boars are a simple passive mob, a re-skin of the pig. They roam around aimlessly, spawn during the day on grass and in groups, and drop porkchops when killed. They will, however, attack you if you punch them and attack any smaller animals. They do not have snouts, which causes them emotional issues and lowers their self esteem, and when they play with brother pigs thay tease them because of it. (jk, ofc)


Ducks are passive mobs, another re-skin, this time of chickens, however they do have separate sounds. They spawn in swamps and forests on grass, in groups, and drop feathers when killed.


Dolphins are passive water mobs with different color variations. They spawn in regular water (oceans, rivers and lakes, but not swamp water) in groups, and can be tamed and then ridden with raw fish. Dolphins are very fast swimmers and can easily outrun you. They drop raw fish when killed. They can be bred by using cooked fish.


Sharks are hostile water mobs. They spawn in regular water in groups, and attack the player, and anything else except for squids and their own kind, at sight. They are faster than the player, but slower than the dolphins, so you can outrun them on your trusty water-steed. They drop shark teeth, and sometimes shark eggs. Shark eggs can be thrown into the water to get a tamed pet shark – all you evil masterminds out there, this is for you. Just don’t wait too long to throw Bond in with them, or he will escape. You have been warned.


Bears are peaceful mobs that roam the forests of Minecraftia. There are two kinds, regular and polar. Regular bears spawn in forests, while polar bears spawn in snow biomes and rarely pine forests. They are passive, but they will attack you if you attack them, also attack smaller mobs, and drop fish when killed.


Jellyfish are mostly passive water mobs. They spawn in groups in water, and are see-through during the day, however, when night falls, they glow in the dark. They can poison you if you get too close, and drop slimeballs when killed.


Mantarays are completely passive water mobs. They spawn in all kinds of water, and cannot harm you in any way, like squid.


Stingrays, like Jellyfish, are mostly passive water mobs. They spawn in groups, and won’t attack you, but if you get close or hit them they will poison you. They tend to stray away from the surface and move around on the bottom.


Horses are a very complex mob. They spawn during the day on grass and have many different kinds that vary in color and speed. You can tame them with food, and then put a saddle on them to ride them. Horses can be bred using mushroom stew or pumpkins when they are close to each other, and the kind of the newly born horse depends on the genetic value of it’s parents, like so:

the results of the breed depends on the genetic ‘value’ of the horses:
light horses = 1
brown horses = 2
dark horses = 3
unicorns = 4
pegasus = 5
packhorse = 6
nightmare = 7
black pegasus = 8

Depending on the sum of both parents’ genetic value you have a CHANCE of getting a rare breed:
-if both horses are of the same kind, they will have equal offspring, otherwise:
-sum equal 7 = chance of getting a packhorse
-sum equals 9 = chance of getting a nightmare
-sum equals 10 = chance of getting a pegasus
-sum equals 12 = chance of getting a black pegasus
-if the sum is none of the above, you will get a random horse with genetic value 1-5


Turtles are a passive, very easily scared mob that spawns on grass in swamps or forests. They do not attack you, spawn during the day on grass, in groups and will hide in their shell if anything bigger than them is nearby, including you. You can tame them with watermelons, and then put them on your head, like bunnies.


Birds are passive mobs that spawn on trees during the day, in groups. They fly around aimlessly, but can be attracted with seeds. They are often targeted by larger mobs. They usually fly away from you, but if they eat your seeds, they are then tamed and won’t be scared of you anymore. You can right click on them to pick them up and gain the ability to glide instead of falling, which negates fall damage.  There are many different kinds which differ in sound and color. They drop seeds.

Big Cats

Big cats include tigers, lions, panthers and other. They are mostly aggressive mobs that spawn on grass during the day. There are male and female, and female big cats are more prone to attacking y0u, especially if their cub is nearby. They drop bigcat claws, which can be used to craft whips which control tamed animals. You can tame a cub, and attach a medallion to it to make it your pet. It will grow and later attack anything except you and your other pets, and follow commands like sit.


Kitties are passive mobs that spawn during the day on grass and run away from you if you get close. They can be tamed with fish and by then attaching a medallion. Kitties follow simple commands, like wolves, and need a litter box and food tray nearby to be happy. If they are unhappy, they will scratch you every now and then.


Goats are peaceful mobs that walk around eating grass. They spawn during the day on grass, mostly alone, and can be tamed with any food item. If you use a rope on them, or hold any food item, they will follow you, and eat grass nearby. Female goats are peaceful, put male goats fight back when attacked. Goats can even eat dropped items around, no matter what they are.


Werewolves are very rare hostile mobs. They can spawn both night and day, but during the day they are in their human form in which they cannot harm you. However, once night falls, they turn into their true form and deal a lot of damage. They can only be killed with a golden sword, making them impossible to kill until you’ve acquired gold.


Scorpions are hostile mobs that spawn during both day and night. They will attack on sight, and can poison you. They are very dangerous and are best dealt with using arrows.


Rats are a hostile mob that spawns at night. They are very similar looking to mice, and drop seeds and coal. They are easily killed, but can take you by surprise and take a huge chunk of health before you can realize where they are. They also spawn in the Nether, as Nether Rats, who act the same except they drop redstone and have red eyes. They do not burn up during the day.


Ogres are hostile mobs that spawn at night. They are very large, and attack by smashing the ground, which can destroy blocks. Ogres are extremely dangerous as they can break through your walls and/or house. There are a couple of different kinds, the regular one that spawns on grass, the cave one that’s a bit stronger and spawns on stone and the fire one that is rare, but can set blocks on fire in addition to breaking them, making it a dangerous wood house destroying machine. They are best killed with bows, since their smashes cause a lot of damage. Ogres drop an assortment of different materials like coal, redstone, iron and even diamonds, when killed, and don’t burn up during the day.


Wolves are weak hostile mobs that spawn during the night. Not to be mistaken with Minecraft’s default wolves, these buggers will attack you on sight. They don’t deal a lot of damage, and are easily killed. They howl at night making them easy to find. Wolves drop leather when killed. They do not burn up during day.


Wraiths are hostile mobs that spawn during night, and burn up during the day. They are flying ghosts that descend upon you, they do however make creepy sounds so you can notice there is one nearby and don’t get completely ambushed. There are 2 kinds, the regular black one, and the fire wraith that can set you on fire, and blinks red while flying. They both drop gunpowder when killed.

That’s it, folks! If I missed something, or didn’t describe something precisely enough, please tell me so in the comments. You can get Mo’ Creatures here. Enjoy mining!

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The Ultimate Mo' Creatures Guide!, 4.2 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

122 Comments on "The Ultimate Mo’ Creatures Guide!"

  1. Pugster7 says:

    I installed all of the files, (modloader,audiomod,mocreatures,and guiapi). And I also deleted meta INF. I tried out minecraft and it came on fine but none of the animals spawned. I also waited a minecraft day and nothing happened. I also went to options and clicked on Global Mod Settings and it said select a Mod but there were no mods in there. What did i do wrong? Please help. Thank You.

  2. minecraft elias says:

    how to install this ????? Can you say

  3. gardons says:

    nice guide! 😀 this will help alot!

  4. Gracie says:

    I haven’t downloaded it but if it is on peaceful will the Wraiths, Wolves, and Ogres (Im fine with the wolves but not the others) I just want to know before I download it?

  5. Percyz110 says:

    Well if you cant download it manually then try downloading YogBox. Its pretty awesome as it has several mods that are worthwhile. It includes Mo’ Creatures and other mods. It downloads itself. You just have to follow the instructions given which arent so complicated. So theres your answer!

  6. Percyz110 says:

    P.S. You must have a CLEAN minecraft.jar to download but its worth it

  7. MsMarleyMar says:

    you totally forgot fish

  8. Steph says:

    Best guide out there. Thanks! ^^

  9. Harry says:

    is this mod replace the original files, or added new creatures?

  10. Jeffrey says:

    What textures packs you can use for this

    • LittleDinamit says:

      Texture packs rarely support this mod, since it’s just too much work. I don’t know of any popular texture pack that supports it.

  11. ggi says:

    the game seems a little too hard dont u think? (groans) canu put more health or move around faster? is there a mod for that?

  12. justuxes says:

    how to download? “D

  13. XxACExX says:

    I downloaded but 1 question do i need custom mob spawner for them to spawn or not

  14. G says:

    If playing on Peaceful will the scorpions, ogres, wraiths and any other hostile mobs still spawn?

  15. D-Man says:

    Does the mod works on 1.0.1??

  16. Kelligh89 says:

    Is this compatible with multiplayer?

  17. Carly says:

    Hey Dr Zhark! I have a question before downloading this mod.Does this work for 1.1?

  18. Z says:

    What do u use shark teeth for ?? Do u have a link for new recipes that were added with this mod??

  19. doodlez says:

    how do i install all of these mods and stuff? I’M SO CONFUSED!!!

  20. blah says:

    does this work for the newest version, currently 1.1?

  21. "name here" says:

    would this work on a D/L map like Eldaria?

  22. CinciCrafter says:

    i donwloaded everything properly and it finally gave me the global mod setting in the options but when i click on it it doesnt have any mods and i cant spawn any animals i dont have the animals or the whip any help?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      It seems you properly installed GUIAPI, but not the actual Mo’ Creatures. Try reinstalling it and check that everything is in the right folder.

  23. Fredigar says:

    Hey, do you know where I can read about how to craft the different things used in this mod?


  24. acdcfan4198 says:

    None of my creatures on the mod are attacking me and i cannot attack them on my multiplayer i tried on my singleplayer and it seemed to work fine does anyone know what could cause this or how to fix it?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      I have not tested the multiplayer version in depth, so I cannot help you with that. Try posting in the forum topic.

  25. dalolman says:

    I have the Mo’ Creatures installed fine. But none of the sounds are playing. I have AudioMod and I put the sounds in the resources folder. But no sound! Do you know what folder I put the sounds in?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      The hierarchy of folders in the resourced folder is probably messed up. It should be resources>mod>sound files. Check to see if it’s like that.

  26. Someone says:

    You forgot to tell what shark teeth do.

  27. J.S. Bach says:

    will this bog up the game much?

  28. anzi says: does not work, so can’t download this mod. ;(

  29. Killercop says:

    Hi, my ‘normal’ animals (Cows, Pigs, Sheeps and Chickens) dissapear each time in the game. This is a result of installing MO’ Creatures. I Think it is an super mod but i would like that my ‘normal’ animals would stay in my barracks wich i made. Sorry for my bad English. Is this possible? Thnx

    • LittleDinamit says:

      You installed the mod incorrectly, and the resulting bug made your animals disappear. You need to re-install the mod on a fresh .jar carefully to try and avoid the mistake you made before, and to get it working properly.

      • Killercop says:

        I tried your advise but i didn’t work. A clean minecraft with only the Mo Creatures mod en still my standard animals (cows, sheeps ans pigs) dissapear after playing a while. I think that de mod despawns all the animals including de normal ones. I also think it should be possible to change this per categorie of animals… Hope there will be a solution soon. Thnx.

        • LittleDinamit says:

          It must be a new bug then, since I did not notice it at the time of writing the article.

        • Killercop says:

          I think the solution for this problem is to change the code in de Everything is arranged here tot spawn en despawn. Only, i can not do this because i can not program this file… :-( Hopfully there is someone to help me… Thnx

  30. Tor X says:

    Goats: Hide yo gold, hide yo diamonds, cus’ they be eating everything out there!

  31. Killercop says:

    Thnx, but i think i did it correctly. I’ll try your advise. Thnx

  32. Horserider says:

    hi. i ended up trapped on a horse in this mod. i don’t know how to get off.

    • LittleDinamit says:

      Even though you use right click to get on, you need to press Shift (or whatever your sneak key is) to get off. Otherwise try disabling the mod to make the horse disappear, then reinstall it and find another one.

    • Hannah says:

      You can go from a horse to a boat or minecart.. I also get stuck on my horse but keep one boat in my inventory so that I can dismount anytime!

  33. Question... says:

    Hmm i have a question I’m trying to tame a cat but it just doesn’t work… i tried giving him fish and tons of other stuff but it just doesn’t do anything… I’m running MC 1.1 please help

    • Neiot says:

      Drop cooked fish or raw fish if cooked fish isn’t working. If dropping isn’t working at all, hold cooked fish and right click on the cat you’re trying to tame. Once it stops running away from you, you will be able to take the Medallion and give it a collar and a name, thus taming it like horses, wolves and big cats.

  34. garythescary says:

    my question about this mod is, what does the “old world” option do? also will it blend…i must know

  35. matthew says:

    uhh can someone tell me the steps to downloading this mod or where i can find out how because i just recently got minecraft and i have no idea how to download mods please it would be greatly appreciated

  36. Ajr569 says:

    If I have my difficulty on peaceful, will big cats, wolves, scorpions, crocs, rats, still spawn without the wraith, werewolves, and ogres spawning, or is it a it spawns everything or nothing senario?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      While I can’t remember all the details for what spawns when, you can set every single mob’s setting in the Global mod settings > Mo’ Creatures menu.

  37. Neiot says:

    Would you please provide the items that you get with Mo’ Creatures? Such as the Sugarlick, the Haystack, etc. That would be helpful because I don’t know what most of those are for.

  38. Andrew says:

    So I have a tiger..and all of a sudden..hes invisible. Another time before same thing happened..he was invisible I re connected and then he was gone. Anyone seen this issue?

  39. Amanda says:

    I watched a tobygames once, and the ogre dropped like 3 obsidian!

  40. Araraluna says:

    Hello, well, I installed it and it works very well, though I have a little porblem:
    Before installing it, I had a little farm of sheep, cows, pigs and chicken. After installing it, well they were normally there, but then all of them suddenly disappeared! Can you explain why? I’m really worried. :(

    • LittleDinamit says:

      The mod enables the regular mobs to become their old version and spawn and respawn randomly. You can disable this in the config file.

  41. daisy says:

    I download this and got a pegasus, but Im not sure how to fly?? Anybody help please. Thanks

  42. Indigofizz says:

    I went to minecraft forums and downloaded all the supporting files (GUI API, Custom MobSpawner, Audio Mod, Mod Loader, and from another site, DrZharks Mo Creatures Mod.) I copied them all into my minecraft jar using 7-Zip, but when I checked the Mod file, only my single player commands was inside. I re-tried everything from scratch, and started the game, but I just got the bog-standard pigs, cows, sheep etc, no Mo’Creatures. Any help? Thankyou :)

  43. Quetzal says:

    How do you swim with your horse? o.o Mine keeps sinking DX

  44. Indigofizz says:

    I’m back-and I have seriously screwed my minecraft up big time :S I updated to 1.2 which has (bearing in mind I am a complete Minecraft Novice) has deleted my single player commands. I have no idea how to re-install it, and I am having no luck what so ever in Mo’Creatures. It all seems to have copied into my minecraft jar, but as I said earlier, I only get the pigs, sheeps etc. when playing. I have started a new world as was recommended in some previous comments but no luck! I am completely freaking out as my minecraft is collapsing around me! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • LittleDinamit says:

      If you updated to 1.2 it’s too late install any of the mods for 1.1, they will not work. You will need to wait for the creators to update them for 1.2 and then install the new versions.

  45. DeweyDodger says:

    How do i download it? when i download it it pops up on the screen with photos! I only have the damn cat! and the shark and Crazy alligator which chased me!! >:3

    • LittleDinamit says:

      If there are aligators and cats, the mod is installed properly and you should just explore to find all the other ones.

  46. DeweyDodger says:

    Ps Hide your diamonds goats ate my chest! hide yo gold your iron even you sword! hide yo everything they will destroy yo house!

  47. asianboy96 says:

    can you somehow, remove some mobs from the mod that you don’t want? i don’t want my tamed wolves to turn against me later.

  48. savannah says:

    i have tried the proper way to get a pet kitty and it isn’t working i tried giving him raw fish then a medallion i have tried cooked fish and then a medallion. What am I doing wrong?

  49. Erk! says:

    What a bout sting rays? Are they tameable?

  50. jonas says:

    I’m also having an issue with my cows,sheep,pigs not spawning (at least not much) I followed the installation instructions just fine and the mod itself is working well. Plenty of Mo’ Creatures. I’ve played with the spawn settings to lower the mod spawns(sometimes quite drastically) in the attempts to get the vanilla spawns higher, but so far it doesn’t appear to make a difference. Perhaps there’s something with the “vanilla mobs despawn” button?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      The mod does affect vanilla mobs since it adds a lot of other mobs. There used to be a fix that attends to the problem you’re having, but I can’t find it now, so I think your only option is to keep messing with the mod settings until you fix it yourself. :S

  51. Mowzers says:

    hey pugster7 try putting the difficultly on easy,normal, or hard but not peaceful and if that doesn’t work go to options then Global Mod settings and adjust the spawn rate or go to vanilla mobs then click the despawn vanilla mod to turn it off ask me any thing elsee if that doesn’t work.

  52. Epicus says:

    I want dragons for mo’ creatures mod!!!!!

  53. John says:

    i downloaded it fine but none of the creatures have sound. Can you help?

  54. muttly says:

    i cant make my big cat follow me

  55. Rose says:

    I installed AudioMod a long time ago, does that effect the sounds on the game? Because the animals all don’t make noises, except vanilla animals.

  56. jiviman says:

    Three questions, will i be able to spawn them with creative? Do they all de-spawn, and will i have to make a new world to spawn them? Thanx any replies are very helpfull.

  57. Patricia says:

    Whаt’s Happening i’m new to this, І stumblеd upοn this I’ve found It absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I am hoping to give a contribution & help different customers like its aided me. Good job.

  58. odie says:

    how do you unsaddle horses

  59. Josh says:

    All this dose is Crash minecraft and wont even start up

  60. Mapleshade9 says:

    how do u evem get mods?!

  61. Hannah says:

    I am having trouble crafting horse armor.. I did it just like the picture.. :(

  62. GeckoSmasher says:

    How fast does your computer have to be to get this mod? I mean my computer is sort of slow and i wanna get this mod.

  63. SurvivalManZ says:

    I think this modf is awesome. In fact I think im going to get the Yog Box. So goodbye. Oh bye the way. Subscribe to Darkrevos. Hes my best friend I am SurvivalManZ in his survival games videos

  64. EvilKate22 says:

    I have a question that I am so confused at! What is the key for in Mo-creatures?? I can’t find out how to use it so maybe you guys can help me with that…

  65. Bryce says:

    How do I configure the custom mob spawner for 1.6.2 so I can see the mobs

  66. Cinder says:

    ummmm im having trouble opening the setting for Mo`creatures the thing where it lets you configure the rarity of the animals plz help im on version 1.7.2

    • LittleDinamit says:

      It should be in your options, under “Mod Options”. Just pause the game and look around for it.

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