Eldaria Island – a map that will blow your mind!


A lot of people in the Minecraft community love Minecraft’s terrain generation. You can see tons of posts on reddit giving ideas to improve terrain generation: add more biomes, improve the ones that exist, and add more terrain features. While a mod like that is being developed, it’s still far off from release. Until then, many users are turning to custom terrain maps. However, none of those were big enough for servers, or contained many biomes, but were actually just a small area that you could (with a lot of MCEdit knowledge) add into your own world. Now, Aurelien_Sama, a map creator that had previously come out with cool maps, released his latest work, and it’s truly beautiful.

It includes 3 biomes/regions, each very radically different from each other. First off we have Haschia – this is a normal forest biome, but with giant overhangs, river canyons, waterfalls, high mountains and low valleys. Part of it is from Aurelien_Sama’s previous map of the same name, with the other custom built part added. It’s beautiful in it’s own right, and is a wonderful landscape to look at. You spawn in this region, in a big valley where you could build your base/city.

Then we have the snow biome, I like to call it Skyrim, which isn’t your normal snow area. While Minecraft generates a barren, flat, wasteland, this is a mountainous area with only a couple of valleys, and the snow height actually increases with height, so mountain tops have full blocks on them, while valleys are just covered in a layer of snow. There are frozen rivers that cut between some mountains to make beautiful sights.

The desert biome also isn’t just a desert. Aurelien_Sama put in a lot of work into making dunes, so it looks more realistic. There is a giant oasis in the middle, which… well just look at the featured image.

It’s a very dynamic desert, and it’s easy to get lost within, just like a desert should be.

A famous youtuber, Variede, actually made a video showcasing the map with a very vibrant biome-color setting:

The map has all of the underground features of regular Minecraft – caves, ores, mineshafts and dungeons. There is an End portal hidden somewhere. I haven’t found it yet, and I’ve been using the map on my server for a week now.

I recommend you get this map. It’s a very fun place to explore and build in. Get it here.

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Eldaria Island - a map that will blow your mind!, 4.1 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

44 Comments on "Eldaria Island – a map that will blow your mind!"

  1. Necrontyr1800 says:

    Very nice, a good change from basic minecraft, and looks more fun to play, and is, nice job :)

  2. ThatRussianKid says:

    Looks great, how do you install it? Is it the normal modloader into minecraft.jar or something more complicated?

    • MattThePadawan says:

      You don’t need a mod to intall saves. You download the file. If it’s zip you extract it. In the extracted file it should have the world saves and you go into your minecraftfolder. Then into saves and you out it in there.

    • LittleDinamit says:

      It’s a regular map, just download whichever version you need, extract the folder and copy it inside the maps folder in .minecraft.

    • Jacobws99 says:

      Someone doesn’t know much about minecraft…

  3. josh says:

    is it for 1.0?

  4. Piemonster11 says:

    Looks great! If I had a server I would use this map for The Hunger Games.

  5. Unknown says:

    Eldaria isnt that a planet?

  6. cocknyreject says:

    Where is the link to download this map?

  7. cocknyreject says:

    Nvm, i think i’ve found it, although im not sure how lol

  8. Yass says:

    hey, love that map. what text pack did u use??

    me wants it 😀

  9. Mees51 says:

    How do you install it?

  10. Fr4zr says:

    Found an End portal at x -1055 and z -311

  11. The_dfg1 says:

    I can’t find any clay. If there is clay on this map, where?

  12. Dominic A says:


    Please check out this vid i did for ELDARIA ISLAND!! thanks!

    • Abdus says:

      I bsilcaaly only have easy access to a small but somewhat densely wooded area but I have never done parkour before (plus I take gymnastics but stink at it. =P

  13. Jacob says:

    It looks very good

  14. derpinanutshell says:

    how do i download which ones the real one i want this map!!!!!!!

    • LittleDinamit says:

      There’s no “real one” there are some versions, the difference is the gamemode. Pick whichever gamemode you want.

  15. ForeverForgotten says:

    You should make this map have an adventure bit inside it.

  16. Bryson says:

    Will it be compatable for a server by using worldedit.

  17. Txture PAckFTW says:

    Love the texture pack, but the sand looks like gold blocks so every time I see sand ill be like GOLD GIMME GIMMME GIMME lol awesome map though!

  18. dom says:

    im so confused i downloaded it and saved it now how do i start playing on it

    • LittleDinamit says:

      Extract the map folder from the downloaded .zip file, and copy paste it into your maps folder for Minecraft. Then just launch it like you would any world.

    • Vajra says:

      This Texture Pack will help me find blocks of Gold and Diamond so much eiaser because they’re bright colours and you can see them easily. I’ll definetley download it

  19. Nilrem says:

    You did a great job !

    Lovely pictures and video but…
    Wich is the texture pack in the video?
    The trees are so beautiful :)

    Sorry for my english!

  20. Someone... says:

    I can’t find my maps folder. Also, where will Eldaria appear? Will it be in more world options, or somewhere else?

    • LittleDinamit says:

      The maps folder should be in your .minecraft folder in Appdata. You can access it through Minecraft, when you click the texture pack folder button. Eldaria will be in the world menu where your worlds are.

  21. KagoYuuko says:

    Im sorry, I’m sure you have already gotten this question several times already, but I cant find my map folder >.<
    The only folders in my .minecraft folder are bin, resources, saves, screenshots, stats, texture packs, and then lastlogin, options, and server.dat.
    My map folder is nowhere to be seen.
    What do I do??

    • LittleDinamit says:

      The map folder is the saves folder. I’m just used to calling it the map folder, sorry for the confusing I may have caused. :/

  22. imaguy says:

    what is the seed of this for 1.1? i tried the seed in f3 but the map was different and i want to play this with the tale of kingdoms mod

  23. trojan_101 says:

    how do you make a server out of it, i need the seed?

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