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There is not a doubt in anyone’s mind that Minecraft is a huge success. It made Notch extremely rich and famous, and he saw it through it’s release, handing it to Jeb afterwards to work on other stuff. But after all this time, the Minecraft money train is slowing down. While sales are still high, Mojang must be looking for ways to monetize it even more, while also keeping their good relations with the community and fulfilling their requests. In this article I will go over a couple of ways Mojang could do this, and all that with a lot of pretty pictures. Let’s begin.

The Minecraft community is very tied to the Internet. SMP is played by a big portion of the fans, and various Minecraft communities are active on Reddit and the Minecraft forums. This experience needs to be implemented into Minecraft. A friends list, cross-server chat, and most importantly, online achievements and stats… The list is endless. This could all be tied together into Minecraft, but also the web. A social network similar to Battlelog for Battlefield 3 or Playfire would work great with Minecraft. Users could see what servers their friends are playing on, display their stats and achievements on their profile page, show off their skins, upload worlds, screenshots and videos and share them with their friends all in one singular location.

Minecraft Social Network: Player Profile

The audience for this kind of thing would be enormous, since minecraft.net currently sports over 5 million premium users who bought the game. It would also lure out those 20€ from pirates that still need that push to buy the game, and that is a considerable number of sales. Mojang could monetize this social network with small, not intrusive ads in the vein of Facebook and similar social networks. There is no doubt Curse would be able to provide the servers to handle such a userbase, and they are already hosting the forums, so why not cooperate on this too?

Another great way of pleasing the community is something Mojang is already doing – the modding API. But it needs to be done well, or users will move back to the forums. An in-game system allowing you to download and automatically install mods, check compatibility with each other and update automatically is as integral to the API as are good and intuitive tools for the developers. This is a very tricky thing to pull off, but I think that if anyone has a chance of doing it well, it’s the Bukkit team. This could also intertwine with the social network I described above to make it more user friendly and accessible.

Jeb himself once said that he couldn’t possibly add as many cool stuff as the Internet, so modding is a huge part of Minecraft for him. Spout and Spoutcraft came close to the experience we’re aiming at here with their client automatically downloading assets needed to run plugins the server is running, basically allowing completely different experiences depending on what server you visit, without reinstalling mods, but still having custom blocks, items and other stuff. Spout, however, is not finished and, while still better than downloading each mod separately just to join a server, is a hassle for inexperienced users that need to download the special Spoutcraft client. It’s  an idea that needs to be worked into the default client so that everyone has access to it.

Now if you read all this you can probably see where I’m going with this. Steam. Steam is the ultimate PC digital download platform, and it’s features would allow for all of the features above to be implemented and accessed easily. Steam Workshop would allow for all of the features mod enthusiasts need and more, Steam Cloud could store your worlds and screenshots so they are never lost, and since Steam allows other sites to access that data the Minecraft social network could easily be built around the data it supplies. Notch has come out and said that Minecraft will not come to Steam because of the way he treats it.

Things have changed, though, and Minecraft is turning more and more into a Steam game. Make it happen, Mojang. It wouldn’t be easy but a deal could be made between Mojang and Valve since it’s well known that they are friendly. Existing Minecraft customers could get a code that allows them to buy Minecraft on Steam for a discounted price (5€ would be an appropriate amount, and would generate tons of revenue for both Valve and Mojang) which would get them the benefits of Steam related features I already mentioned above.

While Steam is the best way to do it since the foundations for the new features are already present, making the users pay some more might piss some people off. But it’s hard to not piss people off when you’re dealing with 5 million unique users with unique requests and desires.

Do you agree, or do you think this isn’t the way to go for Minecraft? Do you have your own ideas on how Minecraft should advance in the future? Sound off in the comment section below.

57 Comments on "A vision of Minecraft in the future"

  1. Cheski says:

    Moving to Steam would add so many users. Also making mods easier would be nice. I think they should move into Steam.

  2. Shadows says:

    Hmm not bad but I don’t think minecraft will go into steam all that well. I havent read any of this. Just looked at the pictures and made a guess. Anyone who responds to this just got trolled.

  3. Sam M says:

    I agree with the auto modding and mod database to be added but the steam idea is a nono lol i dont llike steam all that much and i like minecraft being an offline game as it is

  4. Snmustang says:

    totally agree with Sam M the modding option is goin to make life sooooooooooooo easy, but Steam is a total absolutely not! Anyone who owns a computer that plays video games on it knows about minecraft, if you ask me the whole steam community already knows about it, and are playing minecraft as is. Steam is the reason I don’t play Skyrim on PC.

  5. ananymous says:

    I think that aether mod shouldnt be a mod it should be in minecraft itself

    • Bob says:

      i think so too. i mean, it’s the best mod in the world. even as we speak people are downgrading to get it.it has to be in minecraft

      • Namesplosion says:

        I disagree because of the sheer size of the aether mod and the fact that many people would think it ruins the vanilla aspect of minecraft

        • joe says:

          i like aether it should be in minecraft itself i want it like crazy but im afraid its gonna give my computer a virus

        • Billybobjoe says:

          How does it ruin the vanilla side of minecraft? Its not like it adds/modifies any overworld/nether blocks,entitys,or the player. If people don’t like the aether in minecraft, then they should just not give a crap and ignore it. And plus, if the aether was added, then think of the updates mojang could add to it! It could make the aether 2x as awesome as now! Just think.

    • Kevin says:

      I agree. We should start aether in vanilla minecraft threads all over the place!

  6. Guy says:

    Steam (best games service) Minecraft (best game), Steam+Minecraft+epic win

  7. razer01 says:

    download magiclauncher to install mods very easily into your minecraft.jar

    • Peri_Rawesome says:

      Yep, magic launcher is amazing. It dynamically mods your .jar each time you run it without changing it permanently meaning you can enable and disable mods when you want. It also checks compatibility. Until the modding API comes out, magic launcher is the way to go.

      • 1337doom says:

        Ha! While MagicLauncher may be good, it gives me a lot of mod-related errors I don’t get running the exact same thing normally. Risugami’s arrow mod, for example, doesn’t work on it – it also doesn’t know how to install a lot of the mods sometimes so nothing happens. :B

  8. Michael says:

    If you move to steam, people like m with a high quality mac cannot play minecraft anymore, causing less players

  9. CoolGuy546 says:

    I think moving minecraft into steam would ba a great idea, and steam + minecraft would be the best!!!

  10. tommy Gunn says:

    They have been promising a modding API for awhile but they haven’t been able to do much, otherwise it would be here. But with Bukkit joining it will speed it up…I hope

  11. Sky_Hawk_003 says:

    i love the whole mod thing and the friend list thing. i’ve been hopeing for a friend list. for awhile.

  12. greev says:

    I absolutely HATE the idea of Steam+Minecraft. Steam completely ruins every video game it partners with because it forces you to download HUGE updates whenever you don’t want to deal with the bullshit and want to just PLAY THE FUCKING GAME!

  13. William says:

    I think MineCraft should NOT move into Steam!!! But I would really like it if Minecraft Modding was alot easier…

  14. Thatguywhoisalwaysright says:

    steam would be a mistake, if you have to pay for it again.

  15. Minecraft helpers says:

    Oh god who owns steam? And is there more positive strides or negotiable notes that won’t be wanted for crying out loud

  16. dude says:

    i agree with Thatguywhoisalwaysright.it would suck if you had to pay for minecraft again.

  17. person mcperson says:

    easy modding would make my life sooo much easier my bro keeps bugging me to install mods for him and it’s driving me insane im not sure about the steam idea though

  18. kalsaraan says:

    Your ideas are exellent, and I agree with most of the things in here. the problem is, steam doesn’t work well offline. Minecraft still needs to be able to run single player and offline, and achievments should be able to be completed offline (at least some of them). One thing about minecraft that makes it popular is its price, and the fact that it isn’t try to take every dollar possible. if there are adds, thats fine, but making you pay another amount of money for a game you already bought is unfair, and probably would not be taken well. another problem is slower computers, steam slows them down further.

  19. TheBlupster says:

    1.) Minecraft will not come to Steam. Notch has said this already. There is no need to rake up old ground. It will not happen.

    2.) From what I read, you’re saying those who have bought minecraft will have to re-buy it to play on steam. This will successfully make many people hate steam. Why? Because minecraft is a full game which has already been paid for. Again, this is just speculating because minecraft will not go to steam.

  20. Yovel41998 says:

    Guys how to make a server it will be more easy to get a privte server???????

  21. Yovel41998 says:

    Or easy wite this future minecraft??

  22. kilokreeper says:

    1.I don’t like Valve.
    2.we gonna have to re buy it

  23. pilif0 says:

    Just not STEAM! It completly lags my computer and destroys connectiont to Internet. When I run it I almost can’t run anything else and loading even a simple news website is a five minutes job. Please Notch I beg you. Stay long distance from Steam

  24. Dragoonx41 says:

    this could be a way to go in the minecraft future, but notch and jeb better add dual wield, shields in minecraft, new ores such as copper, zinc,nickel, platinum,tin, bronze, silver, titanium, a way to make netherrack tools and a way to make endstone tools and new weapons and tools
    daggers, gladius(better than a dagger) rapier(long range),crossbow,longsword, hand axe, great axe,broad axe,battle axe obsidian armor and tools,pearl(found underwater inside an oyester, ruby armor and tools, sapphire armor and tools, emerald armor and tools, amethyst, onyx. and more enchantments, like defense I, II and also potions of defense, jumping, and even flying(which is messing with gravity and allowing you to fly just like in creative mode but now its legit)
    and the blocks of these things also, i don’t care for the mods this adds originality into minecraft aether also ADDS MORE ORIGINALITY INTO MINECRAFT, why? if the nether is there, so should the aether, if not its just racism.but anyways rumors about the aether II which is the new aether that these modders been making silently is sure to be another diamond pickaxe award of this year again…

    • Cody says:

      Dude…Minecraft is a sandbox game, not a RPG. to do all that would be to take away from what Minecraft is….and just because thats what you enjoy doesnt mean everyone else does, which is why people make mods so that its OPTIONAL.

  25. masterobbyfun says:

    I was an extreme halo player until Microsoft took over Bungie. Then I had to move on. Then I found minecraft. Please Notch, Please, don’t take a risk! Minecraft is the game of all time, and apparently, from complaints from others, Steam is a terrible thing! Who knows what might happen, Minecraft might wash out of existence! Please!!! Don’t do it!

  26. Phillbaconlord says:

    I’d like to see minecraft come to steam.(Steam is a nightmare if you have a slow computer and/or slow-ish internet conection, I should know I had both at some point. But now steam runs well and isn’t an issue.) Only if the steam editon is free to download for those who allready have a premium minecraft account, and more importantly they continue to provide support and updates to the none steam version, for those that steam causes issues with. It could make some people’s virtual lives so much easy with the steam work shop already making modding skyrim alot easer I think a version on steam wouldn’t do any harm.

  27. Cody says:

    Why go into steam? You could just work with the Curse Client like World of Warcraft does…its easier, and you dont have to pay to use it(although a “membership with benefits” is available).Not to mention like you said Curse is already somewhat involved..why not just make it a commitment :) stop taking curse on dates and propose already haha

  28. HolyMatt123 says:

    If Notch starts working with Steam, it will cause a lot of people to change their minds about buying minecraft… it would completely become nothing…. oblivion…. very shortly.

  29. Nayrutp says:

    i dont know what you guys are talking about.minecraft+steam would be epic! i wouldnt mind paying a few extra dollars to have a bunch of mods at the click of a button.

    • Namesplosion says:

      how about they just add a modding system that is easier into minecraft rather than losing thousands of users by switching to steam

  30. shania says:

    how do you download????

  31. Huene says:

    I believe Notch commented on this before saying something like Steam would prevent them from doing certain things certain ways, and while he liked the idea of steam he wasn’t willing to give up that freedom.

    Unfortunately I read this like 6 months ago and don’t remember where I saw it.

  32. oxotnik says:

    I’m 63 and, to be honest not a great ‘gamer’ but I was introduced to Minecraft about a year ago by my 9 yr old son. We love Minecraft and the whole creative aspect of it, but have been frustrated by MY inability to download and install mods – until I discoverd ModLoader and the ability to revert to previous versions of the game with flippit’s Version Changer (oh how I love the Aether – can’t wait for A II). I’ve got so many choices and back-ups now, I don’t know where to start, it’s like being set free in a sweet shop!

    To me, one of the great beauties of the game is the way you young guys come up with such brilliant and innovative Mods and texture packs etc. – enabling the whole community to tailor the game to their own tastes by adding adventure maps, TMI and all sorts of shizzle.

    I really hope that all the talked about forthcoming changes don’t spoil the overall simple beauty of the game and will continue to let all of those creative minds out there carry on making those personal tweaks. I’d hate to see it becoming so commercial that it became the playground of an exclusive few.

  33. Maniac 101 says:

    Pls do not mix steam and Minecraft,It would be terrible and I hate steam.
    If you mix it I will stop playing and so will my friends.

  34. max says:

    steam is comes in very handy with gaming it only sucks when your pc is a gimmick or your internet con just breaks all the time

    whats with the people that complain about repaying? if a steam version comes out then they will just transfer the old accounts to steam

    also i love the eazy modding idea 😀

  35. Adpalli says:

    I wish minecraft had no mods to download and the mods where in the game it sleef

  36. coltoncool says:

    OMG thta modloader thing would be EPIC! tons of awesome mods here i come! 😀

  37. seo analysis says:

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  38. Ppas101 says:

    Minecraft And Valve Working Together Would Be Perfect For 4 Reasons
    1. Minecraft Won’t Use Java Anymore Making Minecraft Faster!!!!
    2.Better Online Because You could Probaly Join Your Friend Whenever You Want
    3.You Could Get Minecraft Cheaper On Steam (Probably)
    4.Auto Mod Installers

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