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I want to take a bit of space to go a little more in-depth about a mod for Minecraft that we’ve covered in the past. It seems MineColony isn’t getting the amount of attention that it rightfully deserves. So let’s review:

MineColony is like a game within a game. It doesn’t just populate your world with a bunch of bumbling idiots randomly walking about. No, MineColony turns your chaotic, treacherous world into a fully functioning society with one goal: production. You workers come in various types; lumberjack, miner, farmer, builder and deliveryman. The deliveryman’s job is to travel from worker to worker collecting what each of them has produced and then store the items in chests for you.

Different types and levels of tools impact the quality and efficiency of the work that your workers are able to do. When a tool wears out a worker will search his chest for the specific type of tool that he requires for his job. It’s your job to ensure that your workers have the right types of tools, and plenty of them. You can replace a workers tool simply by dropping it next to them.

While MineColony puts you, the player, very closely within range of becoming a full-fledged dictator; do note that your workers have rights and demands. One of those being that they won’t work at night (Though living in a Minecraft world, can you blame them?) and your workers will halt production whenever a problem arises. You worker will let you know the reason why he’s stopped working when you approach him. You’ll also need to make sure that you pay them regularly.

You’ll get a golden sceptor to point at people which will make them follow you. (With great power comes great responsibility) You’ll also establish a bank to print and convert money and a town hall where you can see some overall information about your colony, tips, balance and more.

With all of that said: Don’t skip over MineColony. It is by far and wide one of if not the coolest Minecraft mods we’ve seen yet.

You can download MineColony from it’s official site

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MineColony - The Game Changer, 4.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

11 Comments on "MineColony – The Game Changer"

  1. PhantomSeeker293 says:

    For subterranean dwellers, I must warn that this mod is VERY buggy when it comes to building.

    Build on the surface or clear out a LARGE area yourself to avoid the heartache of watching your colony:
    1) place no torches anywhere (think PACKS of creepers on any non-peaceful setting)
    2) run into walls instead of mining due to poor NPC pathing,
    3) replace mineable blocks with air, and
    4) starve to death because of limited resources.

  2. Geremy says:

    It sounds epic to me!

  3. jackrack2110 says:

    my minecraft crashed when i put the mod, please help!

  4. Sam says:

    This mod does not work. Even with a fresh .minecraft folder. The game will not load.

  5. Smith E. Reens says:

    This mod, like Sam said, does not work. I am going to try a bunch of combinations of modloaders and such to try and find out a sufficient combination. I will publish how if i find out.

  6. Work says:

    I had this mod before and when I tried to get it back it crashes I installed it correctly idk whats going on

  7. MkyMTR says:

    Hey guys, its because its not able to run on the 1.0 update… yet! They are about to publish a proper update to it with new features, so be patient! =D

  8. RogueSteeler says:

    I think that there should also be natural villages, so you can trade with other villages. Such as:
    Player Village
    For Sale:iron(23)


    Village1 successfully bought ffrom PlayerVillage,iron(3) bought for gold(1)

  9. Jhonny says:

    why my constructors are telling me that have a unknown floorplan ? is a bug or is the location that i made my village ?

  10. Liam says:

    hey, there is a way to get any mod to work… MCpatcher is used for texture-packs but… if you put a mod folder (zip) and select ‘patch’ it will automatically do the file-switching for you! 😀 enjoy your modding… no need to delete META-INF either, it does it for you :) enjoy


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