New Minecraft mob added: Ocelots


This week’s Minecraft Snapshot (12w04a) was a good one! If you’re not familiar with snapshots, they are weekly builds of Minecraft Jens distributes on the Mojang blog. They include the latest features, but aren’t as stable as official updates. Anyway, this week saw some great additions like the Fire Charge that acts like a flint and steel except it has unlimited durability and a Bottle o’ Enchanting item for quick experience in creative mode, the most standout feature was certainly the new mob Jon, the latest to join the Minecraft team programmed – the Ocelot. Ocelot is a kind of wild cat that looks like a leopard but is the size of a normal cat. They are the long rumored new jungle mob.

They are a passive and easily frightened mob. They will spawn rarely in jungle biomes and will sprint  – an unique ability of the ocelot – away from you if you approach them. They are, however, tameable with raw fish. To tame one you need to stand still (crouching works even better) with a raw fish in hand. The ocelot will then slowly approach you. Any sudden movement will scare it away. You need to wait until it’s completely near you to slowly move the cursor onto it and then tame it with fish. It might take multiple attempts to do so, as they can refuse your bribe. After they are tamed, they will change textures to one of the three possible (ginger, black and white, and siamese) and will follow you around, but unlike wolves you can’t order them to stay. Rather, they will follow you until they spot something else of interest and then go after that (mostly chickens).

Ocelots have very good AI which allows them to do interesting stuff we haven’t seen mobs do in Minecraft before. If closed in a room they will stay still, unlike other mobs, but as soon as you open a hole they will rush through. They will also sometimes stay and listen to sounds around them. Ocelots can be bred, producing kittens whose texture is also randomly decided between the parents.

Ocelots will most likely be included in the next official update. What do you think of the new mob? Do you think it fits Minecraft, or maybe that they’re too cute for any game? Let us know in the comments below! You can read more about the latest weekly snapshot and download it here:

26 Comments on "New Minecraft mob added: Ocelots"

  1. trollololololololol says:

    can they attack for you like woves?

  2. William says:

    I say it will be really nice to have Ocelots turning into cats and kittens in Minecraft! Although my real life cat died about 3 weeks ago.

  3. LittleDinamit says:

    We don’t report false news. This is straight from Mojang’s blog, 100% legit.

  4. hey says:

    the fire charges in dispensers shoot flames!

  5. LittleDinamit says:

    You can go here:
    Or just type in any fake folder and the error message will also contain a search window.

  6. Cat lover says:


  7. PsiGuy says:

    I’d quite like it if the texture change wasn’t that dramatic. Other than that, this addition is awesome and I hope to see it in the official minecraft 1.2.

  8. jonathan says:

    i have done it and its cool beans and you can wacht it on you tube by other people

  9. Thwone102 says:

    cool I think this will be one of the biggest things sence 1.0.0 :)

  10. Theone102 says:

    also when is the affical release coming out I don’t know :(

  11. ... says:

    Lol where download button

  12. zane699 says:

    its pretty cool, but cant their tails be shorter?

  13. smart donkey says:

    arent ocelots american wild cats? so what are they doing in a jungle?

  14. Daniel says:

    If you attack just one will all of them in the area attack you?

  15. markis says:

    are they in the 1.0.0 update and just really rare

  16. Lau says:

    that is cool but i cannot download that ):-(

  17. LittleDinamit says:

    Yes, the Ocelots are in all the prereleases from then to now.

  18. MLGamer says:

    This is the best idea since Endermen

  19. zzomanzz says:

    1.2.2 har kommit

  20. Themuncher says:

    Ocelots scare creepers away

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